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Dr Laura Machuca Suarez joined the MRIWA team in 2022 as a Research Portfolio Manager to lead the work on precision and low impact mining, alternative use of tailings and waste, and the Expand the Mining Envelope and Remediation and Mine Closure Program areas. She also supports the education program, knowledge transfer, and science communication initiatives of the institute.

Laura came to MRIWA from Curtin University where she was an Associate Professor in the WA School of Mines and has led research collaborations with industry and Government. Prior to her 10+ year academic career in Australia, Laura worked in the oil and gas industry in South America for several years.

Laura holds a PhD in Chemistry from Curtin University. Her expertise encompasses materials and corrosion, metals and alloys, environmental microbiology, biotechnology, and bioremediation.

Laura is passionate about gender equity in STEMM, education, mentoring, and collaborative research leadership.



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