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MRIWA is supporting small and medium businesses in the mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector to enhance their innovation credentials and contribute to the Net Zero Emission Mining Challenge, through the Innovate to Grow program.

What is Innovate to Grow?

Innovate to Grow is an engaging virtual learning program helping small-medium enterprises (SMEs) develop actionable business insights and strategies for leveraging research and development (R&D) to meet specific business needs.

The Program is delivered by CSIRO in partnership with ed-tech company, Practera.

Participants will learn about the latest science and technologies under development in CSIRO and other research entities to tackle net zero emissions challenges in the mining and minerals sector.

SMEs will also be exposed to R&D and industry knowledge, innovation experts and mentors to help develop their own solutions.

How does it relate to the Challenge?

MRIWA, in partnership with CSIRO and Practera, is supporting 19 participants from 16 METS companies in the Innovate to Grow: Net Zero Emission Mining program which commenced on 29 July.

This targeted round of Innovate to Grow is aimed at SMEs working on net zero emission mining solutions relevant to Western Australia. Participation in this program is focused on companies developing and delivering equipment, technology and services for the Western Australian mining sector.

Applications were sought from businesses investigating the Challenge’s priority themes and related outcomes:

  • Data Driven Decisions
  • Mining and Processing Technology
  • Energy Utilisation

What’s involved?

The program kicked off with a half-day virtual workshop and participants will complete 1-2 hours per week of self-paced learning over 10 weeks.

By the end of the program, participants will develop an actionable research funding proposal related to the MRIWA Net Zero Emission Mining Challenge.

To further support organisations participating in Innovate to Grow, on completion of the program MRIWA is offering eligible participants the opportunity to apply for grants between $20,000 to $50,000 each, to co-fund the research needed to develop their solutions.

A total of $500,000 is available for allocation, with these small-scale grants requiring matched funding and subject to a separate application and assessment process. Grant guidelines covering eligibility and frequently asked questions are available for download from this page.

Participants may also use research ideas developed through the program to apply for other sources of funding.


Applications to Innovate to Grow: Net Zero Emission Mining are now closed.

For further information on the Net Zero Emission Mining Challenge contact the MRIWA Research Portfolio Managers.

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Page was last reviewed 4 August 2021

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