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The Opportunity

Are you working on solutions to facilitate net zero emission mining? Do you require funding support to pursue your research?

MRIWA has allocated up to $1 million to research grant funding for net zero emission mining solutions.

For further information on available funding opportunities contact the MRIWA Research Portfolio Managers.

Research Priorities

All proposals eligible for this funding stream must align to a program and theme in MRIWA’s Research Priority Plan and address a challenge or issue in the Western Australian mining sector that, if overcome, could facilitate a move towards net zero emissions.

Within the scope of the Research Priority Plan, MRIWA has identified three priority themes representing cross cutting issues in the mining sector which would benefit from a collaborative approach to addressing this Challenge.

While solutions aligned with all research themes are invited, applications addressing the Challenge’s priority themes and related opportunities will be highly regarded.

The priority themes and opportunities for this Challenge are:

Data Driven Decisions

  • Mapping emissions across the mine to metal value chain (from Scope 1+2+3) to evaluate effectiveness of initiatives.
  • Digital models to assess options and build business cases.
  • Exemplar mine sites to create capacity in industry and amongst stakeholders.
  • Industry framework and common language for transparency, benchmarking and best practice.

Mining and Processing Technology

  • Redesigning processes to optimise use of renewables and mitigate impact of intermittent power supply.
  • Increased efficiency of material movement.

Energy Utilisation

  • Integration of new technology including electrification, hydrogen, heat recovery, biomass and biodiesel.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of energy storage and use.

Previous Funding Rounds

Applications to a targeted funding round for research projects addressing the MRIWA Net Zero Emission Mining Challenge closed on 7 July 2021.

Future research proposals relevant to this Challenge may be submitted through MRIWA’s open call for grant applications in accordance with the MRIWA Grant Guidelines applicable to the open call.

For further information on available funding opportunities contact the MRIWA Research Portfolio Managers.

Previous Grant Guidelines

NZEM Research Grant Guidelines (Closed 7 July 2021)PDF (720.50KB)

Page was last reviewed 21 September 2022

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