MRIWA’s new Project Manager

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MRIWA would like to welcome Dr Charmaine de Witt as its new Project Manager. Charmaine joins the team as Dr Penny Atkins will be retiring in September.

Charmaine holds a PhD in bioinorganic chemistry, and has spent the major part of her career as a research scientist in impurities removal in the Alumina industry, where she developed an acknowledged expertise in the chemistry of lime in the Bayer process that produces Alumina.  She holds three patents and is the inventor of High Efficiency Causticisation (HEC), a ground-breaking process for removing sodium carbonate from Bayer Liquor that has resulted in multimillion dollar production increases.  She is also the inventor of the Apatite Process for reducing calcia concentrations in supersaturated  Bayer process liquors.

Charmaine is in the office 3 days a week and can be contacted at or on 6180 4342.