MRIWA Research Project Reports

Recent Report Releases

M494 Mapping the Chemical Architecture of Gold Camps. Walshe, J.L., Bath, A.B., Birchall, R., Miller, J.M., Godefroy-Rodriguez, M., Le Vaillant, M., Shelton, T.D., Stromberg, J.M., Woodall, C.E., Verrall, M.; 2019; CSIRO

M493 Don’t Bury Western Australia’s Geophysical Data: Uncovering Prospective Mineral Terrains with Regional Potential Field, Seismic and MT Transects through Cooperative Inversion by Harris, B; 2019; Curtin University

M449 Drop Probe System – RC LWD (Reverse Circulation Log-While-Drilling) by Stewart, G and Hill, R; 2018; Globaltech Corporation Pty Ltd



Previous Reports

M431 Ground Support Systems Optimisation (GSSO) by Potvin,Y; Hadjigeorgiou, J; Wesseloo, J; Dight, P and Sweby, G; 2018; Australian Centre for Geomechanics; University of Western Australia

M476 An Integrated Multi-Scale Study of Crustal Structure and Prospectivity of the Eastern Yilgarn Craton and Adjacent Albany-Fraser Orogen by Lindsay, M., Spratt, J., Aitken, A., Occhipinti, S., Dentith, M. and Shragge, J.; 2019; The Centre for Exploration Targeting.

M465 Deep crustal-scale structure, geological evolution and multi-commodity prospectivity analysis in the Halls Creek Orogen, Kimberley region, Western Australia by Kohanpour, F.; 2019; University of Western Australia

M498 Wearable Technologies for Safety by Hart, M. and Pavlenko, A.; 2018; Soter Analytics

M500 Prototype Design for Gamma Activation Measurement of Gold on Conveyor by Carter, I.P., Coghill, P.J. and Tissot, C.; 2018; Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Resource Extraction (CRC ORE)

M485 Grade Engineering and GE View by Rutter, J.; 2017; Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Resource Extraction (CRC ORE)

M450/M455 Feasibility of Electrokinetic In Situ Leaching by Martens, E.; 2019; Doctor of Philosophy; University of Western Australia

M457 Geological controls on the fractionation of sulfur isotopes in Archaean mineral systems by Caruso, S.; 2019; Doctor of Philosophy; University of Western Australia

M463 Links Between Basin Evolution, Crustal-Scale Architecture, and Mineral Systems Development: An Example from the Bresnahan Basin, Capricorn Orogen, Western Australia by Uren, A.L.; 2019; Doctor of Philosophy; University of Western Australia

M495 A Study of Nano Diesel Particulate Matter (nDPM) Behaviour and Physico-chemical Changes in Underground Hard Rock Mines of Western Australia by Black, S., Mullins, B; 2019; ChemCentre

M479 Solution Purification and Valuable By-Product Formation by Nikoloski, A., Kyle, J., O’Malley, G., Gilligan, R., Sitando, O., Ang, A; 2019; Murdoch University

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