Current projects

The summary details of the current MRIWA research projects are shown below:

Project Number Project Name Research Provider Completion Date
M0424 Multiscale Dynamics of Hydrothermal Mineral Systems University of Western Australia 1/04/2016
M0431 Ground Support Systems Optimisations (GSSO) Australian Centre for Geomechanics 1/05/2017
M0432 Validation and standardisation of sequential leaching tests to better predict the impact of mining on ground and surface water quality. ChemCentre 1/03/2017
M0436 Distal Footprint of Giant Ore Systems: Capricorn WA Case Study CSIRO 1/11/2017
M0437 Bayer Precipitation & Alumina Quality CSIRO 1/01/2017
M0441 CRC ORE II CRC ORE 1/07/2021
M0446 4D Evolution of WA Ore Systems (WA4D): Re-Os Sulfide Geochemistry Curtin University 16/05/2019
M0448 4D Evolution of WA Ore Systems (WA4D): Rutile – Pathfinder to Ores Curtin University 1/06/2018
M0451 Establishing Leaching Environmental Impact Assessment Tools in the Development of a WA Framework for By-product Re-use and Classification ChemCentre 1/09/2018
M0452 Pathways to high grade gold: 3D gradient mapping of mineral systems CSIRO 1/12/2016
M0454 MRIWA Scholarship – Chen Curtin University 1/10/2018
M0456 MRIWA Scholarship – Adams University of Western Australia 1/03/2019
M0458 A novel direct leach approach to extract Platinum group metals (PGM) from the Panton Sill PGM deposit in the Kimberley region of WA Curtin University 1/05/2019
M0462 Multi-scaled near surface exploration using ultrafine soils CSIRO 1/06/2018
M0463 MRIWA scholarship- Uren University of Western Australia
M0464 Rock properties to predict rockburst vulnerability in three dimensions Australian Centre for Geomechanics 1/11/2020
M0465 Deep crustal-scale structure, geological evolution and multi-commodity prospectivity analysis in the Halls Creek Orogen, Kimberley region, Western Australia University of Western Australia 1/04/2019
M0467 Mineralogical and lithological controls on REE distribution in the Argyle diamond deposit Curtin University 31/03/2018
M0470 Mineral systems on the margin of cratons: Albany-Fraser Orogen / Eucla Basement case study Curtin University 1/05/2019
M0471 Director’s Scholarship – Ahmad Saleem University of Western Australia 1/07/2020
M0472 MRIWA Scholarship – Harry Watts University of Western Australia 1/07/2019
M0474 MRIWA Scholarship – Rashid Vaneghi.  Progressive Damage Mechanisms of Rocks Subjected to Cyclic Loading Curtin University 1/07/2019
M0475 MRIWA Scholarship – Eun Joo Choi University of Western Australia 9/09/2019
M0476 An Integrated Multi-Scale Study of Crustal Structure and Prospectivity of the Eastern Yilgarn Craton and Adjacent Albany-Fraser Orogen Centre for Exploration Targeting UWA 1/04/2019
M0477 Molten Salt Mineral Processing Technology University of South Australia 1/12/2018
M0484 M459 Extension- Magmatic sulfide mineral potential in the East Kimberley CSIRO 30/04/2017
M0485 GE.VIEW.WA – Developing New Tools and Resources for Benchmarking Grade Engineering® Opportunity for the WA Gold Mining Industry CRC ORE 1/07/2017
M0487 Hard rock disc cutting technologies: Fundamentals of cutter/rock interaction and rock failure mechanism CSIRO- Mineral Resources Flagship 30/04/2020
M0488 Understanding fluid-rock interactions and lixiviant/oxidant behaviour for the in-situ recovery of metals from deep ore bodies CSIRO- Mineral Resources Flagship 14/05/2020
M0489 Probabilistic Stope Design ACG – Australian Centre for Geomechanics 11/08/2019
M0493 Don’t Bury Western Australia’s Geophysical Data: Uncovering Prospective Mineral Terrains with Regional Potential Field, Seismic and MT transects through cooperative Curtin University 31/05/2019
M0494 Mapping chemical architecture of gold camps CSIRO- Mineral Resources Flagship 30/12/2018
M0495 A Study of Nano Diesel Particulate Matter (nDPM) Behaviour and Physico-chemical Changes in Underground Hard Rock Mines of Western Australia ChemCentre 1/02/2019
M0497 Ground Support Systems Optimisation – Phase 2:  Extension to M431 ACG – Australian Centre for Geomechanics 30/09/2021
M0499 Establishing the in situ rock bolt behaviour underground in order to model and design improved rock bolt support systems CMTE Development (trading as Mining3) 31/12/2020
M0500 CRC-ORE (M441) On-belt Gamma Activation Analysis (GAA) Sensing for Gold: Phase 2 –  Buildable Prototype Design and Laboratory Testing of Components CRC ORE 1/06/2018
M0501 Director’s Scholarship – Yihao Fu Characterization of ore and bulk solid systems by use of multivariate by image analysis and deep learning neural networks Curtin University 1/09/2020
M0502 MRIWA Scholarship – Zela Ichlas Development of an Industrially Applicable Electrostatic Solvent Extraction Column for Process Metallurgy Curtin University 1/11/2020
M0503 CRC-ORE (M441) Integration of Enhanced Grade Engineering Grade by Size Gangue Liberation and More Energy Efficient Comminution. CRC ORE 3/12/2018
M0505 Glycine Heap Leaching Mining and Process Solutions Pty Ltd 1/04/2020
M0507 QA4UAV – A standard workflow to quality assure UAV products CRC SI 1/08/2019
M0508 ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre (ITTC) in Resources Data Analytics Curtin University
M0509 MinEx CRC MinEx CRC 30/06/2028
M0510 Safe, sustainable management of filtered tailings University of Western Australia 1/08/2021
M0514 Novel seismic methodologies for exploration of mineral resources in a hypersaline environment Curtin University 1/07/2020
M0515 Development of drilling fluid system for Coiled tube drill rig Curtin University 31/03/2019
M0518 Real-time mining face grade determination using hyperspectral imaging techniques University of Queensland 31/08/2019
M0519 Broadening the opportunity for in-situ recovery of value from mineral deposits CMTE Development (trading as Mining3) 1/12/2021
M0521 Lithospheric and crustal-scale controls on multi-stage basin evolution: Impacts on Mineralising Systems Centre for Exploration Targeting (UWA) 30/09/2022
M0523 Directors’ Scholarship – Keith Giglia.  Monitoring and control of hydrocyclones by use of convolutional neural networks and deep reinforcement learning. Curtin University 12/03/2021
M0524 Womens’ Scholarship – Kudzai Angeline Mchibwa   Innovative processes for leach liquor purification and production of battery grade LiOH from Li mineral resources Murdoch University 15/11/2021