Research Priority Plan

The Research Priority Plan (RPP) describes the research priorities for MRIWA.

These priorities will direct the MRIWA Board’s decisions pertaining to research grant investments.

The RPP identifies key challenges and opportunities in the Western Australian minerals industry where MRIWA will financially support research activity in collaboration with the Western Australian minerals industry and the local, national and global minerals research sector, to develop solutions for those challenges and opportunities so that MRIWA is well positioned to achieve its objectives. The RPP has been rigorously prepared through a highly consultative process, to ensure that it provides a framework for directing MRIWA research grant investments at areas that will make an optimal contribution towards MRIWA achieving its objective.

The RPP has two key purposes:

  • Decision Making
    • The RPP is used by the Board of MRIWA as its principal tool for determining the minerals related research areas in which it will make grant investments. The Board is obliged to ensure that the intended outcomes from research projects that it funds are aligned with the priorities in this RPP.
  • Communication
    • The RPP approved by the MRIWA Board is readily available in the public domain. As the principal source of information used by the Board to determine priorities for MRIWA research grant investments, it serves as a key communication tool to inform stakeholders on areas of minerals research that are of interest to MRIWA.

As an extension of this function, it is also intended to be used by the research sector and industry to identify prospective research project proposals that align with MRIWA’s research priorities, and objective.