Research Grants

The MRIWA Board has adopted the Research Priority Plan (RPP) to guide the Board’s decisions on research grant Applications. The RPP is a required reference under Division 4 of the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia Act 2013.

The RPP identifies key challenges and opportunities in the WA minerals industry and provides the remit within which the Board will consider Applications for research grants. (For more detail please refer the next section.)

An application form for a MRIWA research grant can be found in this section, and we offer the following background and guidelines for completing and submitting an application.
Our funding application form requires:

  • An executive summary of 1 page or less;
  • A clearly rationalised budget for the proposed project;
  • A comprehensive description of the project with well thought-out milestones; and
  • Indications of industry support in both cash and in-kind contributions.

Literature references and research backgrounds of the applicants and other participants must also be supplied.

An application can take a minimum of 2-3 months to process (refer Flowchart for a MRIWA Application) depending on the timing of the submission and the completeness of the Application.

For an Application to MRIWA to be successful the applicant(s) must show that the work proposed will directly benefit the Western Australian economy, is directed to the mineral deposits in WA and is within the remit of the Research Priority Plan. Potential and committed industry sponsors of a project should be named in the application, and letters of commitment of this support should be included.

All sponsorship funds must be paid directly to MRIWA who will administer them. Please refer to the MRIWA Policy Statements before completing an application for funding.

Applications can be submitted at any time during the year and are assessed on an ‘as received’ basis. A well prepared Application which includes all required information, including written indication of potential sponsor support, usually receives the fastest approval.

Projects in which MRIWA invests typically have a duration of between 6 months and 3 years.

The applicants, the grantee research organisation, sponsoring companies and MRIWA sign a contractual agreement for each project, which specifies what is required of each party for successful completion of the project.

Researchers must provide progress reports to support claims or progress payments. This is usually on a quarterly basis; a different period may be agreed in particular circumstances. A final report must be submitted, and after release by the sponsor(s) is published by MRIWA.

Should you wish to obtain the application in word .doc format, please contact the MRIWA office.

Research Priority Plan
The Research Priority Plan (RPP) describes the research priorities for MRIWA. These priorities will direct the MRIWA Board’s decisions pertaining to research grant investments. The RPP identifies key challenges and opportunities in the Western Australian minerals industry where MRIWA will financially support research activity in collaboration with the Western Australian minerals industry and the local, national and global ...
Important Dates
The closing date for submitting an Application is two months prior to the date of the targetted Board meeting. The Board meets every two months. Board meeting dates are at the discretion of the Board and may be changed at short notice. Please contact the MRIWA office on (08) 6180 4340 to confirm advertised dates.   Application Closing Dates 2018 9 February 2018 13 April 2018 15 June 2018 17 August ...
Financial Leverage for Research Grant Applications
Financial leverage is an important factor in the MRIWA Board’s assessment of an Application for a research grant. Applicants are strongly encouraged to secure appropriate levels of sponsor co-investment in their research project before submitting the Application to MRIWA. MRIWA calculates the financial leverage as (the sum of Sponsor’s money and MRIWA money) divided by MRIWA money, expressed as a multiple. For each ...
Guidelines for completing a Research Grant Application
The guidelines for completing an Application for an MRIWA research grant are provided in the following documents.
Application review and decision process
The process for reviewing an Application to MRIWA for a research grant and for deciding if a grant will be awarded is provided in the following document.
Current projects
The summary details of the current MRIWA research projects are shown below: Project Name Research Provider   Completion Date M431 Ground Support Systems Optimisations (GSSO) Australian Centre for Geomechanics 1 May 2017 M432 Validation and standardisation of sequential leaching tests to better predict the impact of mining on ground and surface water quality. ChemCentre 1 March 2017 M436 Distal Footprint ...
Participating companies
The following list of companies and organisations provided financial sponsorship in the period for research projects in progress.  The Board of Directors thanks these groups for their sponsorship and support. Agnico-Eagle Ltd Jennmar Australia AngloGoldAshanti Australia Limited King River Copper Barrick (Australia Pacific) Ltd Kirkland Lake Gold, Inc. BCD Resources NL La Mancha ...
Participating research entities
The research organisations that have contributed to MRIWA projects in 2014/15 are: The Australian Centre for Geomechanics; ChemCentre (WA) ; CSIRO; Curtin University; Curtin University (WA School of Mines); University of WA;