2019/2020 PhD Scholarship Programme and Application Process

For all applicants, both International and Domestic

3 PhD Research Scholarships are available in projects aligning with MRIWA’s Research Priority Plan

Available for new projects beginning after October 31, 2019 and within 8 months of that date.

  • 1 Directors’ PhD Scholarship at no less than $40,000 in one of the following fields:

        In-Situ Leaching          Data Analytics           Scale-up from Bench to Production

  • 2 PhD research scholarships at no less than $30,000 annually
    • Odwyn Jones Scholarship
    • MRIWA Research Scholarship for Women (open to women applicants only)

MRIWA offers its Scholarships as top-up scholarships for those successful applicants who are also awarded an RTP Stipend Scholarship through their University.

Please ensure that your EOI clearly states which Scholarship(s) you are applying for.

Application Process 

Applications are made in two parts: Formal application through individual university and EOI sent direct to MRIWA.

The process for enrolment and scholarship is determined by the individual university:

Curtin            ECU

  Murdoch         UWA

The Expression of Interest to MRIWA should be made as early as possible and no later than October 31, 2019.

At a minimum your EOI should include:

  • Which Scholarship(s) (Directors’, Odwyn Jones or MRIWA Research Scholarship for Women) you wish to be considered for.
  • Your full name, residential address, contact telephone number and email
  • University Academic Record. Where applicable, this must be translated to English by an accredited translator and the translation must bear the evidence of this accreditation.
  • Signed letters of reference from two (2) academics familiar with your career
  • One-page description of research proposal with signed endorsement from your proposed research supervisor, their university and faculty
  • Your IELTS (or equivalent) documentation, where applicable.

Inclusion of a Letter of Offer from the University, if available, will assist in your application.

EOI should be sent to: scholarships@mriwa.wa.gov.au. Your application will be deemed and considered as incomplete should you not provide an EOI directly to MRIWA.

Closing dates are dependent on university.  Overall closing date for MRIWA is 31 October 2019.

For further information please contact MRIWA on 08 6180 4340 or email scholarships@mriwa.wa.gov.au