Scholarship Presentation Ceremonies


Hon Sean L’Estrange, Minister for Mines and Petroleum with the 2016 award winners

MRIWA held its 2016 Annual Scholarships Ceremony at Mineral House on Thursday 7 July.

The achievements of 8 students were recognised with presentations being made by the Honourable Sean L’Estrange, Minister for Mines and Energy.

4 PhD scholarships and 3 Honours research scholarships were awarded as well as a prize presented for the 2015 Best Thesis.

The details of the winners and their projects are listed below:


Minister L’Estrange presenting the 2016 Directors PhD award to Ahmad Saleem


Ahmad Saleem – Winner of the 2016 Directors PhD award – University of Western Australia

Quantifying the role of exploration upside in mineral project evaluations: the missing link in project value determination?

Supervisors: Professors Mark Jessell and Professor Allan Trench.

Eun Joo Choi – PhD award winner – University of Western Australia

Alkaline magmatism as a probe into the architecture of the Archean lithospheric mantle, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia.

Supervisor: Professor Marco Fiorentini

Rashid Vaneghi – PhD award winner – Curtin University

Progressive damage mechanisms of rocks subjected to cyclic loading.

Supervisor: Professor Benham Ferdosi

Harry Watts – PhD award winner – University of Western Australia

Developing a more benign way to extract rare earths from monazite ore using a sequence of weak organic acids at a moderate pH and room temperature and ore recirculation.

Supervisor: Professor Yee-Kwong Leong

Odwyn Jones Awards:

Wei Han – OJ Award Winner – Curtin University

Haulage simulation for autonomous haulage trucks.

Supervisor: Professor Carla Boehl

Kaarina Recklies – OJ Award Winner –  Murdoch University

The effects of clays, dispersants and collectors on the flotation of Au-Cu ores.

Supervisor: Professor Aleks Nikoloski

Thomas Pilote – OJ Award Winner – University of Western Australia

Geochemical and petrological controls on rare earth element mineralization, and phase mobility in the Mukinbudin granitic pegmatites and their associated regolith profiles.

Supervisor: Dr Anthony Kemp