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MRIWA is proud to launch the MRIWA Science Communication Awards for the 2nd year for high-quality, high-impact communication of minerals research advancing Western Australia.

The aim of the MRIWA Science Communication Award is to encourage and recognise the value of high-quality, high-impact communication of minerals research, technology and services shaping the future of Western Australia’s mining and minerals industry and supporting a culture of science accessibility.

Entries to the MRIWA Science Communication Award competition will be in the form of a 3-minute explainer video presented by applicants. This is an evidence-based Science Communication Award and scientific accuracy will be assessed as part of the judging process.

If you are a researcher, academic or industry professional interested in disseminating your work, and inspiring and influencing Western Australians, MRIWA seeks to recognise your contribution and value to the State.

Applications Closed

“Effective science communication is not merely about conveying information; it’s about inspiring curiosity and fostering a deeper appreciation of the discoveries being made. Importantly, the MRIWA Science Communication Awards recognise the local talent contributing to minerals research ecosystem.

Science communication is the vital conduit through which the complexities of science are translated into accessible, actionable knowledge for the benefit of all.”



First Place: $5,000 (GST exempt)

Second Place: $2,000 (GST exempt)

Third Place: $1,000 (GST exempt)


To be eligible for MRIWA science communication award the applicant must:

  • hold an eligible visa to live, work or study in Australia.
  • reside and are/have undertaken the research in Western Australia.

The award is open to:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate research students (MSc and PhD candidates).
  • Early-career, Mid-career and Senior Researchers.
  • Industry professionals.

Important Documents to Read Before Applying

Applicant Guidelines 2024

Video Specifications 2024

Watch the 2023 winners videos for inspiration!

1st Place

Joint 2nd Place

Joint 2nd Place

2023 Applicants Feedback

“’The MRIWA Science Communication Awards was a great way to expand my science communication ‘comfort zone’ and try something I’d never done before (i.e. make a short scripted video). The most valuable aspect was the Science Communication training we received as finalists, as well as the first round judging feedback – it was great to be able to use both of these to improve my final video.”

“The Science Communication Awards was a great opportunity to refine and enhance my verbal communication skills. It was a chance to fine tune my message to make sure I’m pitching the right message to the right audience. Seeing yourself on camera was daunting but it’s a great way to polish your delivery so that you are presenting your best self all the time.’’

Click here to watch all the Science Communication Awards applicants final videos from 2023 for ideas and inspiration.

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