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The Challenge

MRIWA’s focus area “Precision and Low Impact Mining” was established with the aim of providing strategic directions and enabling research and technology development and deployment for precision and low impact mining that will reduce tailings and waste, therefore contributing to social and environmental performance of Western Australia’s mining sector.

Current MRIWA Activities

  • Broadening the opportunity for in-situ recovery of value from mineral deposits – M0519
  • Lixiviant access creation in impermeable hard rock mass for the in-situ underground leaching of metals from ore – M0529
  • Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Electrokinetic In Situ Leaching – M0544
  • Evaluation of in-situ barrier technology for risk mitigation and extraction optimisation for in-situ-recovery operations – M0545
  • Feasibility of effective metal recovery from tailings material via electrokinetic in-situ leaching – M10452

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Focus Area Lead

Laura Machuca Suarez

Research Portfolio Manager


Page was last reviewed 18 January 2023

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