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Western Australia’s export-oriented mining projects place heavy demands on regional infrastructure requiring long term planning and a high level of capital investment by both government and industry. As the sector moves to adopt automated technologies, greater demand will be placed on network bandwidths.

The research priority areas in Program 4 are intended to systematically advance knowledge and capability to:

  • optimise supply chain infrastructure usage, haulage and export logistics
  • enable enhanced networks and accurate geo-positioning
  • decrease the capital and operating costs associated with getting commodities to market

In doing so, the research will inform Infrastructure WA regarding aggregated needs of the mining sector.

Themes and intended outcomes

Communications and Positioning Technology

New or alternative technologies to:

  • improve methods for transfer data to/from the field
  • reduce bandwidth requirements resulting from automation
  • increase the availability and accuracy of positioning and communication technologies throughout the State

Data Driven Decisions

Scalable coordinate and mapping datasets and software platforms for multiple use and modelling on a regional scale leading to optimal utilisation of common use infrastructure

Energy Utilisation

Lower overall energy costs and reduced carbon footprint through adoption of alternative energy sources

Safety, Social and Environmental Sustainability

Processes which eliminate exposure to hazards, improve social wellbeing through consideration of post-mine land use in infrastructure planning, reduce the environmental footprint and improve environmental outcomes

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Page was last reviewed 7 August 2020

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