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Grant payments

MRIWA will pay on a milestone-based schedule as negotiated with participating organisations and specified in the Conditions of Grant (or equivalent funding agreement).

All grant funds may only be spent on eligible expenditure and must be appropriately acquitted.

MRIWA will invoice the project’s participating organisations co-investing in the research on a regular basis as per a schedule set out in the Conditions of Grant.

Project reporting

All approved projects are required to report regularly on activities relating to the technical progress and administration of the project. Reporting requirements will be scheduled in the Conditions of Grant.

The Project Reporting Guidelines outline MRIWA’s expectations of reporting both during and after the conclusion of research activity. Grant holders should use the relevant reporting template, where available.

Download guidelines and templates

Data sharing and open access

MRIWA strongly encourages the sharing of research outputs, including data generated over the course of the research project. All projects must include a plan for the management of research data both during the project and following the project’s completion.

Grant holders are encouraged to deposit non-confidential data in an open access repository to maximise the benefits of the research. Potential applicants and current grant holders should familiarise themselves with the information available on the Australian Research Data Commons website.

Acknowledgement of funding

All presentations, publications and announcements regarding the project must properly acknowledge the financial support provided by MRIWA and the participating organisations.

MRIWA support should be acknowledged in the following format:

This work was supported by funding from the Mineral Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) grant M0xxx

The MRIWA logo is a visual way to acknowledge your funding in websites, publications and presentations. Contact our team for a copy of our logo and style guide.

Page was last reviewed 4 October 2022

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