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MARS (Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety) PhD Scholarships are now open for applications. Applications close June 30, 2024.

If you are interested in applying for a MRIWA scholarship or MARS program scholarship, consult the information on this page and then reach out to the scholarships team at the address below for a conversation.

MRIWA provides a range of competitive scholarships to support exceptional candidates pursuing postgraduate research relevant to the minerals industry in Western Australia.

The benefits of the scholarships we provide include:

  • Generous stipend support of up to $40,739 per annum for up to three years of study (with the potential for extension); and
  • Additional support for research and other expenses linked to your studies.

Scholarship recipients are also invited to participate in tailored training and professional development activities, and supported in accessing relevant mentoring and networking opportunities with leading innovators operating in the minerals industry.

Scholarships available

MRIWA offers a range of competitive scholarships throughout the year.

Our scholarships can be held at any university in Western Australia, and are awarded to support postgraduate students undertaking research relating to any eligible aspect of Western Australia’s minerals industry, including:

  • Improving the discovery rate of economic mineral resources;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the mining industry;
  • Strategic and critical mineral commodities;
  • Lowering the carbon footprint of steel production;
  • Alternative uses of mine tailings and mineral by-products;
  • Reducing the environmental impact of mining;
  • Direct capture of greenhouse gases through mineral carbonation and;
  • Other subjects aligned to the current MRIWA Research Priority Plan.
  • PhD studies relevant to the health and well-being of workers and others in the mining industry are supported by specific scholarships administered by MRIWA under the MARS (Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety) Program.

Applications will be assessed against criteria of academic and research excellence, and the quality of a detailed research proposal submitted by the applicant.

MRIWA Odwyn Jones PhD Scholarship

Open to all applicants, domestic and international.

MRIWA PhD Scholarship for Women

Open to women applicants only, domestic and international.

MRIWA Indigenous Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants only.

MARS Program Scholarship

Up to 4 awards open to students at Western Australian universities for PhD studies relevant to the health, safety and wellbeing or workers and others in the mining industry.

Additional Scholarships may be awarded at the discretion of the MRIWA board

More information

For further information see the frequently asked questions.

For all scholarship-related queries please contact MRIWA on 08 6180 4344 or via email at

Submit your complete application to

MARS Program Scholarship application documents

MRIWA Scholarship application documents

MRIWA Scholarship application documents for 2024 will be released for the launch of this year’s program on July 1st. The 2023 form and template are available here in the interim for indicative purposes only.

Page was last reviewed 16 April 2024

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