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All potential applicants are encouraged to discuss their proposal with the MRIWA Research Portfolio Managers prior to commencing development of an application.

Before you apply

If you have an idea for a project which addresses a challenge or issue in Western Australia’s minerals industry, we encourage you to read through the information below to ensure the proposed topic aligns with MRIWA’s policies and objectives.

Applicants should familiarise themselves with the current MRIWA Research Priority Plan prior to commencing an application.

Read the MRIWA policies and guidelines

Intellectual Property resources

Want to apply?

Submissions for 2024 are now open. If you would like to submit an application, the next step is to contact us.

Submitting an application

All applications must be made on the appropriate application form and emailed to

While MRIWA accepts applications at any time, there are specified submission cut-off dates to enable sufficient time for processing and review of applications prior to their consideration at each scheduled meeting of the MRIWA Board.

To ensure your application is submitted with enough lead time to be presented at a particular Board meeting, please take note of the meeting dates and associated submission deadlines when applying for a Research Grant.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss all applications and the time frame for their review and evaluation with a Research Portfolio Manager.

Research Grant Application closing dates for 2024 Board meeting dates for 2024
03/09/2024 19/08/2024

Assessment and funding decisions

Applications will be assessed by a Grant Assessment Panel. The Panel assesses all eligible applications against merit criteria and makes a recommendation to the MRIWA Board.

The lead investigator and representatives from participating organisations may be invited to attend a Panel meeting to present on their project and respond to questions from the Panel members. Applicants may also be required to provide written clarification on matters pertaining to the application.

Funding decisions are usually made by the MRIWA Board within three months of the application being submitted to MRIWA.

Funding agreement

All approved projects will require a multi-party funding agreement which must be executed between the respective parties before any payment of funds.

Potential applicants are encouraged to review the terms of MRIWA’s Conditions of Grant and provide a copy to all participating organisations. Advance familiarisation with the form of the contract can expedite negotiation if the application is approved by the MRIWA Board.

Please contact MRIWA for a pro forma of the Conditions of Grant.

Download the application form

Page was last reviewed 8 July 2024

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