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Image of Alexandra Halliday

Alexandra Halliday

MRIWA PhD Scholarship (2021)

Integrating field monitoring and numerical modelling to better quantify the stability of tailings storage facilities

Image of Devika Bhatia

Devika Bhatia

MRIWA PhD Scholarship for Women (2021)

Taxation of Australian mining firms

Image of Liz Walls

Liz Wall

MRIWA Odwyn Jones PhD Scholarship (2021)

A new deal between mining companies and communities to deliver sustained positive development outcomes for Indigenous or land-connected communities

Image of Alicja Polewacz

Alicja Polewacz

MRIWA PhD Scholarship for Women (2020)

Processes at the interface between fluids and lithium minerals

Image of John Grigson

John Grigson

MRIWA Odwyn Jones PhD Scholarship (2020)

Genesis of the giant rare-metal pegmatite deposits of the northern Pilbara Craton, Western Australia: Mineral systems analysis and terrane to deposit-scale exploration criteria

Image of Tyler Bikaun

Tyler Bikaun

ITTC in Transforming Maintenance through Data Science (2020)

Conversational agents and dialogue management systems in highly domain-specific environments with scarce data

Image of Gabriel Gonzales

Gabriel Gonzalez

ITTC in Transforming Maintenance through Data Science (2019)

Improving predictability of failure and the condition assessment of critical assets

Image of Xingjie Chen

Xingjie Chen

MRIWA Odwyn Jones PhD Scholarship (2019)

Investigating the underground support provided by shotcrete using tailings and waste rock

Image of Polyanna Moro

Polyanna Moro

MRIWA PhD Scholarship for Women (2019)

Geodynamics and basin evolution of the Paterson Orogen from Paleoproterozoic to Neoproterozoic based on 3D geophysical modelling and data inversion

Image of Kudzai Angleine Mchibwa

Kudzai Angeline Mchibwa

MRIWA PhD Scholarship for Women (2018)

Innovative processes for leach liquor purification and production of battery grade LiOH from Li mineral resources

Image of Keith Giglia

Keith Giglia

MRIWA Directors’ PhD Scholarship (2018)

Monitoring and control of hydrocyclones by use of convolutional neural networks and deep reinforcement learning

Zela Ichlas

Zela Ichlas

MRIWA PhD Scholarship (2017)

Development of an industrially applicable electrostatic solvent extraction column for process metallurgy

Yihao Fu

MRIWA Directors’ PhD Scholarship (2017)

Characterisation of ore and bulk solid systems by use of multivariate by image analysis and deep learning neural networks

Siwei Chen

MRIWA PhD Scholarship (2016)

Rock fracture under the action of multiple field coupling

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