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The vast majority of Western Australia’s easily found and economically viable mineral deposits near to the surface have already been discovered and are being exploited at a greater rate than which they are being replenished by new discoveries.

To meet the challenge of finding significant new discoveries, and building on Uncover Australia, and the Western Australian Government’s Exploration Incentive Scheme, the research priority areas in Program 1 are intended to systematically advance knowledge and capability to improve mineral exploration productivity through detection, exploration technology and prediction performance.

In doing so, the research will inform the pre-competitive geological, geochemical and geophysical knowledge base and create exploration capability to:

  • position Western Australia as a global leader in exploration technology;
  • facilitate private sector investment in existing and newly identified Western Australian mineral provinces to develop the State’s rich natural resources.

Themes and intended outcomes

Mineral Systems

Better prediction and targeting of orebodies using the mineral systems approach including, but not limited to:

  • characterising cover
  • investigating Western Australia’s lithospheric architecture
  • resolving the 4D geodynamic and metallogenic evolution of Western Australia
  • characterising and detecting the distal footprints of ore deposits

Detection Technology

Tools which optimise the efficient collection and accurate processing of data, enabling exploration for concealed mineral systems in areas of deep cover

Data Driven Decisions

New datasets and new analysis of existing geological, environmental and geophysical knowledge enabling enhanced geological and mineralogical modelling to:

  • improve consideration of ore body and in-situ geological features in mine planning
  • optimise processing and minimise waste, footprint and costs

Regulatory Tools and Processes

Evidence based tools to increase confidence and provide certainty and efficiency in regulatory processes including:

  • reporting standards enabling real time resource and reserve updating
  • reporting formats enabling data mining and machine learning technique

Safety, Social and Environmental Sustainability

Processes which eliminate exposure to hazards, improve social wellbeing and reduce the environmental footprint of exploration

Workforce of the Future

An agile, adaptable and skilled workforce capable of leading and implementing exploration technological changes into the future

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Page was last reviewed 2 September 2021

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