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The MRIWA Education Program supports the development of exceptional research talent to help meet the future needs of the Western Australian minerals sector and related industries.

We work to identify and prepare gifted students from WA and around the world to tackle the research challenges affecting the future of minerals and renewable energy.

Education program components

  • A minimum three MRIWA PhD or postgraduate research scholarships available each year
  • Four PhD scholarships administered under the WA Government MARS (Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety) Program
  • Tailored professional and communication skills training for students accepted into the MRIWA program
  • Professional development bursaries supporting minerals research professionals and others in technical industry roles in acquiring and enhancing boundary-spanning career skills
  • Outreach and mentoring to encourage students of exceptional ability to consider careers in the mining industry
  • Sponsorship of the work of Australian Earth Science Education (formerly Earth Science Western Australia) supporting earth science teaching in Western Australia’s schools

More information

MRIWA scholarships

Interested in applying for a scholarship? See what opportunities are available

Current scholarship recipients

Details of current MRIWA PhD Scholars and their projects

Completed MRIWA PhDs

Completed PhDs by MRIWA Scholarship Recipients. MRIWA funds research scholarships for study at a Western Australian university.

Partner with MRIWA

Would you like to partner with MRIWA and support the Education Program? Contact Dr Geoffrey Batt for more information

Professional Development Bursaries

See details of MRIWA’s professional development support program.

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