Welcome to the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia

The Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) is a statutory body established by the Western Australian Government under the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia Act 2013 to stimulate minerals research to support investment in, and operation of, a globally competitive minerals industry in Western Australia.

MRIWA’s primary function is to provide and administer funding grants to carry out minerals research.

The Institute collaborates with research and government entities in Australia and overseas.

MRIWA has a scholarships program for PhD candidates where the field of study is relevant to the MRIWA objectives as detailed in its Research Priority Plan.

As well as directly supporting minerals research projects, MRIWA funds are available for projects, programs and events that promote public awareness of, and interest in, minerals research, and to support related academic activities.


News and Events

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18 Sep

New wearable technology - the WA-developed Soter System is designed to keep workers safe, on the job and performing whilst improving productivity

In partnership with MRIWA and Roy Hill, Soter Analytics developed a wearable sensor and accompanying app which can be utilised by workers in the resource industry. The technology assesses hazardous physical movements which pose risk of musculoskeletal injury and communicates risk management strategies ...

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11 Sep

New CSIRO and CRC ORE developments allow for real-time on conveyor measurements sort and extract bulk gold ore

MRIWA, through its participation in the Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Resource Extraction (CRC ORE), has supported research whereby CRC ORE and CSIRO teamed up to use CSIRO’s ‘Sensing and Sorting’ technology to create a pilot prototype of an apparatus to estimate the average bulk gold grade in several-tonne ...

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