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In 2020 the MRIWA College was formed, drawing together a broad cross-section of experts from the resources and minerals industry and research community, with specific knowledge and experience relevant to one or more of the program areas in the MRIWA Research Priority Plan.

The MRIWA College identifies and recommends priority research opportunities to the MRIWA Board and is instrumental in the assessment of research grant applications.

Appointment to the MRIWA College is on individual merit, not affiliation, with consideration given to age, cultural and gender diversity. All members of the MRIWA College are appointed by the Board. The role and responsibilities of the MRIWA College members are outlined in the relevant Terms of Reference.

Grant Assessment Panel

A grant assessment panel is an advisory committee convened by MRIWA to assess and recommend applications to the MRIWA Board for funding. These panels are formed on an as-needed basis to review research grant applications received. The panels include a group of core members and relevant subject matter experts drawn from the MRIWA College.

Current MRIWA College Members

Core Members

Mr Ian Suckling (Grant Assessment Panel Chair)

Mr Gerard Danckert

Mr Rob Freeth

Dr Rob Hough

Dr Laura Kuhar

Ms Alison Morley

Professor Allan Trench

Subject Matter Experts

Dr Christopher Baker

Mr Peter Bewick

Dr Melanie Blanchette

Mrs Kerryl Bradshaw

Ms Rathy Brandes de Roos

Professor John Dell

Mr Charles Elliott

Professor Andy Fourie

Dr Charlotte Hall

Ms Joanne Heyes

Professor Melinda Hodkiewicz

Dr Jon Hronsky

Professor Mark Jessell

Miss Anel Joubert

Dr Anna Kaksonen

Ms Michelle Keegan

Professor Chris Kirkland

Associate Professor Bryan Maybee

Professor Fiona McKenzie

Mr Kane Moyle

Dr Louisa O’Connor

Dr Caroline Perring

Dr Ivor Roberts

Professor Erkan Topal

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