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Bartosz Cybulski

Biography Bartosz joined MRIWA in 2024 as a Communications and Projects Officer. Bringing a wealth of experience from both private and state government enterprise in a variety of digital communication…
Published: 11 April 2024

MRIWA Science Communication Awards 2024

APPLY HERE! MRIWA is proud to launch the MRIWA Science Communication Awards for the 2nd year for high-quality, high-impact communication of minerals research advancing Western Australia. The aim of the…
Published: 31 March 2024

Development of Vanadium Electrolytes

Project completed by Future Battery Industries CRC– link will open in a new window which receives allocation of MRIWA funds. The Challenge The presence of impurities in the vanadium battery electrolyte could…

Published: 12 March 2024

Microwave reactor for critical minerals

The Challenge Processing of Rare Earth Elements (REE) using a Microwave reactor can reduce the reagents, roasting emissions and energy. Proposed Solution Several rare earth projects are under development in…

Published: 11 March 2024

New Opportunities for the PGM industry in WA

The Challenge Platinum Group Metals (PGM’s) are needed for a range of new applications including hydrogen electrolysis and industrial chemical production. In Western Australia the industry is not well understood…

Published: 11 March 2024

Western Australia Critical Minerals priority scheme

This project is part of the Co-operative Education for Enterprise Development (CEED) program The Challenge To develop a method for establishing the priorities of minerals research against the criticality of the mineral…

Published: 11 March 2024
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