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MRIWA strongly encourages industry-initiated research and projects involving companies from the Western Australian mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

There is no minimum or maximum level of funding which can be applied for. However, all applications must include co-investment from the project’s participating organisations.

MRIWA’s Research Portfolio Managers are available to work with all potential applicants to discuss the development of their proposals. Research grant applications will be considered under four streams:

Open call

MRIWA accepts applications throughout the year for projects which address a challenge or issue facing the minerals industry in Western Australia and align to the MRIWA Research Priority Plan.

Targeted call

From time-to-time MRIWA may issue a call for applications on a theme within the Research Priority Plan. These targeted calls for research project proposals will be made on the MRIWA website, via our social media channels and our fortnightly enewsletter.

METS Innovation Grants

MRIWA has a dedicated funding program for METS company innovation. The program includes grant funding and project facilitation.

Partner grants

MRIWA will consider requests to be a partner on an application submitted to another research funding body e.g., the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Program, or Co-operative Research Centres.

More Information

General Application Information

What you need to know to apply for funding

METS Innovation Application Information

What you need to know to apply for funding for the METS Innovation Program

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