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MRIWA Focus Areas are campaigns targeting specific areas which seek to stimulate and amplify activities of high value to the State.

Focus Areas may fall in areas specific to parts of the mining value chain or have impact across the entire value chain, with the benefit to be realised in Western Australia.

MRIWA will use these Focus Areas to enable industry, academic and government relationships to activate innovation and research networks and attract investment in high value activities.

Calls to action, objectives and anticipated outcomes will vary for each Focus Areas.

Focus Areas are selected by the MRIWA Board and informed by government priorities and the Research Priority Plan, with input from the MRIWA College and MRIWA networks.

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Green Steel

How can WA support the ambitions of the global green steel industry?

Net Zero Emission Mining

Can decarbonisation be an opportunity not a cost?

Mineral Carbonation

Western Australia has the potential to sequester more emissions than it produces.

Exploration Amplification

How can WA maintain its innovation advantage in mineral exploration and discovery?

Precision and Low Impact Mining

Enabling precision and low impact mining solutions to reduce waste and footprint of the sector.

Alternative Use of Tailings and Waste

Turning the mine tailings and waste challenge into business and social opportunities.

Critical Minerals

How can the mining industry accelerate the supply of critical minerals to meet increasing metals demand from new technologies?

METS Innovation

MRIWA has a dedicated funding program for METS company innovation. The program includes grant funding and project facilitation.

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