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The Annual Reports showcase MRIWA’s continuing value in the form of tangible benefits delivered to Western Australia through our minerals research programs and the positive impact of past and current projects.

The Annual Report also includes independently audited financial statements and performance indicators and an overview of our performance in respect of governance requirements.

Latest Annual Report

The 2022-23 MRIWA Annual Report was tabled in Parliament on 22 September 2023.

The Annual Report is comprised of the following sections:

  • Overview details MRIWA’s role, functions, organisational structure, Board members and a succinct summary of our operations.
  • Our Projects outlines our applied research projects, demonstrating how we create capability and deliver economic and social benefit for Western Australia.
  • Financial Statements and Notes presents the audited financial statements for the organisation.
  • Our Governance outlines MRIWA’s robust governance and contemporary fit-for-purpose corporate practices, highlighting the mechanisms in place to continually improve our performance, delivery and business outcomes, and ensure compliance.
  • Our Performance summarises the key actions of the past year, along with the audited key performance indicators.

Read the 2022-23 Annual Report

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