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In February 2019, the McGowan Government released a report by ACIL Allen into MRIWA’s economic impact, demonstrating the significance to Western Australia of the government’s investments in mineral research.

According to ACIL Allen’s assessment, for every dollar invested by the government through MRIWA, at least $3.12 is returned in direct benefit to the State. MRIWA’s research program is forecast to deliver $121.5 million in real income benefits to Western Australian businesses, people and government agencies over the the ten year period from 2018-19 to 2027-28.

In addition to this direct economic impact on Western Australia, MRIWA creates linkages between researchers and industry which would have not otherwise have been formed. These linkages can result in knowledge transfer or the development of additional research programs which are entirely separate from MRIWA but still positively affect the State. These benefits are intangible and extend the scope of potential return to Western Australia.

ACIL Allen’s conclude MRIWA delivers significant value for money for the Western Australian Government and produces real and tangible benefits to Western Australia that would not otherwise be realised.

Read the full ACIL Allen Economic Impact Assessment Report

Page was last reviewed 20 July 2020

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