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To enable us to invest in minerals research to advance Western Australia MRIWA relies on the input of many and varied stakeholders through their participation on the Board, in an advisory capacity, or as a member of staff or a contractor.

All Institute staff, including members of the Board and the MRIWA College, and all participants in MRIWA-funded research projects, must comply with the requirements of relevant policies and guidelines.

Code of Conduct

The MRIWA Code of Conduct provides a clear guide to working together; the ethical basis of our operations and workplace behaviour and related responsibilities. MRIWA’s Code of Conduct builds on the Public Sector Code of Ethics which sets out the minimum standards of conduct and integrity for all public sector employees.

Read the Code of Conduct

Risk Appetite Statement

The MRIWA Risk Appetite Statement considers the most significant risks to which the Institute is exposed and provides an outline of the approach to managing these risks. The Statement also identifies the various categories of risk researchers are obliged to consider under the terms of financial assistance provided by MRIWA for minerals research projects.

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Audit & Risk Committee Charter

The MRIWA Audit and Risk Committee provides risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight to ensure the MRIWA audit and risk framework operates effectively. The Charter describe the roles and responsibilities of the Audit and Risk Committee.

Read the Audit & Risk Committee Charter

Intellectual Property Policy

Details of the arrangements for managing intellectual property (IP) associated with a project are negotiated between the Participating Organisations as part of the relevant contract (Conditions of Grant). The MRIWA Intellectual Property Policy outlines the Institute’s position regarding commercialisation of IP developed, improved or modified during a project.

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Financial Leverage Policy

The MRIWA Board calculates the financial leverage as the sum of the combined cash contribution by the Participating Organisations and the MRIWA cash contribution, divided by the MRIWA cash contribution.

All applications to MRIWA must include a minimum level of co-investment from Sponsors for the proposed research. This co-investment must meet the minimum requirements, as detailed in the MRIWA Financial Leverage of Research Policy.

Read the MRIWA Financial Leverage Policy

MRIWA College and Grant Assessment Panel Terms of Reference

MRIWA engages with a diverse range of representatives from industry and the research community through their participation in the MRIWA College and the grant assessment process. The related Terms of Reference describe the roles and responsibilities of the MRIWA College and grant assessment panels.

Read the MRIWA College and Grant Assessment Panel Terms of Reference

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