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The MRIWA Education Program aims to develop exceptional talent to help meet the future needs of the Western Australian mining industry.

In addition to funding scholarships, the Education Program supports the professional and personal development of scholars through tailored training opportunities.

The inaugural event in this series is a masterclass developed for MRIWA by leading business communications and entrepreneurship expert Andy Lamb.

Commencing on 21 April and running in a series of workshops over the next four weeks, participants will build a portfolio of communication and networking skills tailored to support scientists in socialising research ideas and communicating with diverse audiences.

Participants will be introduced to entrepreneurial techniques and concepts including:

  • Design thinking;
  • Understanding and applying Growth Mindset;
  • Developing Customer Empathy;
  • Networking skills; and
  • Communicating research to non-technical audiences.

Page was last reviewed 13 April 2021

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