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What to include in your complaint

Your letter or email should briefly explain your complaint. Include details such as:

  • Who you are complaining about;
  • What you think has gone wrong;
  • Times and dates;
  • How you have been affected by the issue you are complaining about;
  • Details of telephone conversations and meetings;
  • Copies of relevant documents (e.g. letters or emails);
  • The names of people you have dealt with;
  • What you have done to try resolve the issue; and
  • The outcome you are seeking.

How we will treat your complaint

We will:

  • Acknowledge your written complaint to us promptly;
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect;
  • Consider your complaint carefully.

To make a complaint

All complaints must be made in writing, either via email or letter.

Send a letter to:


100 Plain Street,

East Perth WA 6004

Or send an email to:

Page was last reviewed 1 April 2022

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