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MRIWA has recently reviewed the outcomes of sponsored research projects completed between 2012 and 2018 to better understand the value delivered to industry.

The outcomes of all research projects examined met the participants’ original expectations. However, our evaluation identified several barriers which have limited the uptake or application of these research outcomes by industry.

One of these barriers is the timely and fit-for-purpose communication of key research outcomes and their potential value.

To address this, MRIWA is currently developing short case studies and technical summaries for these projects to complement the more detailed final reports. This will provide varying levels of technical detail suitable for a broad audience base.

Over the coming weeks we will release ‘retrospective’ LinkedIn posts to highlight some of the great research work previously undertaken. Find out more on our evaluation of research outcomes.

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Case studies and technical summaries will be published in the MRIWA Project Portfolio.

Page was last reviewed 8 July 2021

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