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Image of Carim ArmaniosDr Carim Armanios joined MRIWA in January 2021 as a Research Portfolio Manager.

He brings with him over 25 years of experience working in industry R&D, with roles in mineral refining, environmental solutions, research management, technology deployment and commercialisation as well as business improvement and strategy.

Carim’s initial focus has been to review MRIWA-funded projects completed between 2012-2019 to assess their research outcomes and benefit delivered to Western Australia, whether it be economic, social and/or environmental.

Consideration is being given to the impact of the research and whether it has resulted in a commercial application or the knowledge gained has been transferred more broadly across the minerals industry.

Each project review comprises an evaluation of objectives and outcomes detailed in published final reports as well as interview findings with the researchers and sponsors involved to gather information on any applications, further work or communication that have resulted from the initial research.

Where project outcomes have not been progressed in some form, an assessment of barriers inhibiting their full utilisation has been considered.

By integrating our historic reports MRIWA is seeking to understand the value delivered by completed projects, promote the research outcomes to a broader audience and consider where there may be future opportunity and need for further research.

If you have been involved in a MRIWA-funded project, or have benefited from the outcomes of a MRIWA-funded project, please contact Carim at

Page was last reviewed 3 March 2021

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