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MRIWA-sponsored research at the Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) has developed an improved method for identifying hidden domains of potential mineral endowment.

Using innovative machine learning technology, Dr Lindsay and his team at the CET can enhance and integrate multiple geophysical datasets to better recognise clues to the presence of mineralisation buried beneath barren cover rocks.

Applied to the Eastern Yilgarn and adjacent Albany-Fraser Orogen regions of Western Australia where richly endowed geology is believed to lie buried beneath barren cover rocks, this technique defines previously cryptic features where valuable mineralisation may be found, including the continuation of structures known to contain the rich Gruyere gold deposit.

This improved methodology could help unlock additional value in heritage datasets across Western Australia, and encourage exploration investment by reducing risk in under-explored areas where barren cover rocks may conceal deeper mineral deposits.

Read the technical report for project M0476 summarising the findings of this research.

Page was last reviewed 11 March 2021

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