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Throughout the feature article, Nicole Roocke discusses the challenges, potential collaborations, and research possibilities for the WA mining sector.

The article specifically promotes MRIWA’s support of research at the Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre in Perth.  This significant research explores enabling fingerprinting of lithium ores, linked to a blockchain mechanism to secure the “identity” of the metal along the value chain.

Nicole Roocke explains the importance of “fingerprinting metals” in the article, “For companies that want to be able to demonstrate that they are purchasing lithium ores from an ethical and sustainable source, we will be able to prove that they’re from WA,”

“Our ambition is that WA is seen as the preferred supplier – not just that we have a lot of minerals in the ground here, we want to be a preferred supplier globally and get that market advantage.” Nicole Roocke states.

To download and read the article, click here – 220225 – MRIWA Qantas Article

Page was last reviewed 28 February 2022

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