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Research completed by a team at Mining3 in MRIWA project M0482 has demonstrated the potential for new explosive hydrogels based on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to replace existing explosives used in underground mining.

In initial field trials sponsored by MRIWA and undertaken by a team at industrial researcher Mining3, H2O2-based explosive hydrogels reduced or eliminated the production of toxic exhaust gases and other environmental impacts, while performing at comparative levels to conventional nitrogen-based explosives.

If these results are validated in further trials currently being developed, the widespread adoption of these new H2O2-based explosive compounds in the mining industry could bring a host of benefits, particularly in the development and operation of underground mines, where the monitoring and removal of toxic gases are a critical safety issue for workers.

Read the technical report summarising the findings of project M0482.

Page was last reviewed 11 March 2021

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