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The results of two research projects into nano diesel particulate matter (nDPM) were outlined at a free information session hosted by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety on 29 July. The MIAC media release can be located here.

In 2016, the Mining Industry Advisory Committee (MIAC) commissioned the research projects into the physical-chemical properties of nDPM in an underground mine and the potential health effects on workers from exposure.

The DMIRS and the Mineral Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) co-funded the first research project which focussed on evaluating the physical-chemical aspects of DEE.

The research report for project M0495 is available from the MRIWA website.

DMIRS also funded the second research project into the possible health impacts of DEE exposures. Twenty above-ground and 80 underground miners underwent a series of health screening tests and were fitted with personal exposure monitoring equipment to investigate whether their work exposures had an effect on their health status. The findings from this research is undergoing peer review prior to publication in academic journals.

Curtin University, the ChemCentre and the University of Western Australian conducted the research in collaboration with DMIRS and MRIWA.

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