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Robust governance and contemporary fit-for purpose corporate practices is the goal of MRIWA’s Governance Pillar in its strategic plan.

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) completed an audit examining whether key financial and probity controls were implemented in 8 State government entities responsible for administering grants.

The focus of the OAG audit was to assess whether the sampled entities had sound grant administrative practices for various stages of the grant process, including awarding and approval of grants, monitoring of grant milestones, acquittal of grants and assessing the effectiveness of grant programs.

The report found MRIWA was one of two agencies who displayed sound policies, practices and controls for grant administration.

MRIWA agrees with the OAG that it is critical government entities administer grants in a way to ensure funds are allocated in accordance with eligibility requirements via a transparent process, and are spent in accordance with the stated purpose of the grant program and parliamentary appropriation.

Work has been undertaken over the last twelve months to continually improve our processes with the:

  • new Grant Guidelines and supporting forms available on our website;
  • formation of the MRIWA College assist in the assessment of research applications; and
  • new purpose built grant administration database to enable financial management and ongoing monitoring of project progress.

Given the robust processes in place, MRIWA is now positioned to offer research project facilitation on a fee-for-service basis where parties are seeking an independent third party to manage collaborative research activities.

Contact MRIWA CEO Nicole Roocke for further details.

Page was last reviewed 16 March 2021

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