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Supported by MRIWA under our Education Program, specialist STEM educators from nationally respected not-for-profit agency Australian Earth Science Education (AusEarthEd) will be travelling to Kalgoorlie in June to work with students and staff from local communities.

The AusEarthEd team work through hands-on incursions, professional development and donation of resources to inspire greater awareness of and enthusiasm for earth sciences in Australian schools.

Just like AusEarthEd, MRIWA is working to develop home-grown talent to help meet the future needs of the Western Australian mining industry.

We are proud to partner with AusEarthEd in their work to provide Western Australia’s teachers with the tools they need to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals.

Read the AusEarthEd media release.

Students from East Kalgoorlie Primary School

Students from East Kalgoorlie Primary School. Image supplied by Australian Earth Sciences Education

Page was last reviewed 25 May 2021

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