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Kylie Ward was featured in an in-depth article of the Kalgoorlie Miner discussing her Ph.D. and receiving the MRIWA scholarship.

Ms. Ward explains how the MRIWA scholarship will help her complete her studies.

The MRIWA Odwyn Jones PhD Scholarship for 2022 was awarded to Kylie Ward at Curtin University for her work to extract tellurium as an additional value stream from the KCGM Superpit in Kalgoorlie.

ā€œ(Iā€™m) looking at potentially producing tellurium from the ore in Kalgoorlie, so looking at ways we can separate the tellurites out from the rest of the material and plant,ā€ Ms. Ward said.

To read the article download here > Kalgoorlie Miner Kylie Ward Article


Follow this link to the article on the Kalgoorlie Miner (you will need to pay or have a subscription to news site).

Permission to share the article was granted by the author of the article and Kalgoorlie Miner.

Page was last reviewed 21 September 2022

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