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The first free online session is being facilitated by Eric Lilford, Discipline Lead of Minerals & Energy Economics at Curtin University and is titled Economic Viability Workshop.

The Workshop will be conducted via Teams.

A Final Agenda and Pre-Reading Documents will be circulated 5 working days prior to the event.

The draft Agenda is as follows:

  1. Welcome & Apologies
    1. Acknowledgement of Country
    2. Workshop Overview
  2. A Preliminary Map of a Western Australian Mineral Carbonation Value Chain
  3. Toward Market Valuation of Mineral Carbonation By & Co Products
  4. Carbon Offset Value
  5. Identification of Revenue & Cost Drivers
    1. Levers for Optimising the Economics of Mineral Carbonation in Western Australia
  6. Prioritisation & Next Steps

For more information on the Mineral Carbonation roadmap click here.

If you have any questions and to find out more about the workshops, contact WA School of Mines: Minerals, Energy & Chemical Engineering at Curtin University via WASM-MECE Administration >

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Page was last reviewed 9 January 2023

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