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Part 1 – Mineral system analysis in the Halls Creek Orogen: insights from geodynamic modelling, geophysical interpretation, and isotopes

Presented by Fariba Kohanpour

The mineral systems approach allows identification and prioritization of the critical components for mineral prospectivity analysis from cratonic to deposit scales. To carry out mineral systems analysis, the key controlling processes on the formation and preservation of mineral systems must be understood.

Part 2 – Defining and navigating Au systems in the Eastern Goldfields, WA: “Are we there yet?”

Presented by Dr John Walshe, Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO Mineral Resources.

Sometime in the life of the Australian Geodynamics Co-operative Research Centre (1993-2000) the question was asked: “Why is the deposit there?” The vision was to answer the question and find the next gold deposit!

The legacy of the AGCRC, the predictive mineral discovery CRC (2002-2008) and six MERIWA/MRIWA projects over more than a decade and a half (2002-2018: M358, M377, M400, M410, M452 and M494) is a systematic, science driven, mineral-systems approach to answering the “Why is the deposit there?” question.

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