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Image of Dr Rashid Geranmayeh Vaneghi

Dr Rashid Geranmayeh Vaneghi

“Working with MRIWA put me at the intellectual heart of WA mining, connecting me with the industry and helping my work get noticed.”

Rashid was awarded a MRIWA scholarship in 2016 to support PhD studies at Curtin University’s world-leading Western Australian School of Mines (WASM), where his research focused on understanding rock fracturing over time in mined environments.

By measuring how cracks develop and grow in response to the repeated explosions and impacts experienced during mining, he worked to understand how mine stability and the need for engineering support change over time.

Since completing his studies in 2021, Dr Geranmayeh Vaneghi has been applying his research skills and insights as a mining engineer with Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines.

“PhD study for me was about following my passion to explore the unknown,” said Dr Geranmayeh Vaneghi.

“MRIWA’s scholarship support allowed me to follow that passion and work with mining industry thought leaders at WASM to tackle challenges that will make a real difference in the field of mining engineering.”

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Page was last reviewed 30 June 2022

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