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Graphic listing MRIWA's six research priority areas with Infrastructure and Logistics and Remediation and Mine Closure highlighted

These programs are two new areas added to the MRIWA Research Priority Plan in 2019.

Research activity within the MRIWA’s research priority program area Infrastructure & Logistics seeks to optimise supply chain infrastructure by enabling enhanced networks and accurate geo-positioning and decrease the capital and operating costs associated with getting commodities to market.

While the Remediation & Mine Closure program aims to develop new technologies and approaches for mine remediation and alternative land use, while filling knowledge gaps to ensure a sustainable positive legacy for the industry and surrounding communities.

As at 30 June 2020, the investment in these two programs is comprised of:

  • MRIWA contribution $0.5m
  • Third-party contribution $0.8m
  • Total grant value $1.3m

Find out more about the themes and intended outcomes within Infrastructure & Logistics and Remediation & Mine Closure.

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Infrastructure & Logistics

Communications and positioning technology

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
QA4UAV – A standard workflow to quality assure UAV products (M0507) CRC for Spatial Information Current

Remediation & Mine Closure

Acid mine drainage and treatment of tailing

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
Mine pit lakes: their characterisation, assessment, management and value as potential lead indicators for in-situ metal recovery opportunities (M0478) ChemCentre Current

Regulatory tools and processes

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
Validation and standardisation of sequential leaching tools to better predict the impact of iron ore mining on ground and surface water quality – Phase 2 (M0513) ChemCentre Current

We are still finalising case studies for these projects. Please contact us if you would like more information about these projects and we will be happy to help.

Page was last reviewed 22 November 2021

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