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MRIWA PhD scholar and recent graduate Cam Adams has been awarded a post-doctoral fellowship with the MinEx CRC.

Building on his PhD research into the physical properties of nickel sulfide ore deposits, Cam will be working with the University of Newcastle and the Geological Survey of NSW to understand and model the geophysical response of prospective rocks in the Macquarie Arc system in eastern Australia.

By integrating chemical and mineralogical data in the interpretation of geophysical signals, Cam’s research aims to improve the effectiveness of mineral exploration by reducing the subjectivity of interrogating geophysical data.

Cam was awarded the MRIWA PhD Scholarship in 2016 for his project “An investigation of the relationship between positive magnetic anomalies and nickel-sulphide deposits, Kambalda, Western Australia”.

He studied at the University of Western Australia and was supervised by Professor Mike Dentith.

Page was last reviewed 7 July 2021

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