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MRIWA’s partnership with CSIRO and ed-tech start up Practera is in full swing, with 19 participants from 16 METS companies participating in Innovate to Grow: Net Zero Emission Mining.

Commencing with a half-day workshop on 29 July, participants heard from MRIWA CEO, Nicole Roocke and CSIRO Toward Net Zero Mission Lead, Warren Flentje, on trends in innovation and how the program can support the METS sector to deliver on their low carbon business development ambitions for the future.

Over the next ten weeks, the companies will be guided through an online innovation program, developing skills and preparing research funding proposals to take forward their net zero emission mining ideas.

Paired with the opportunity to engage with CSIRO specialists and research mentors, including from Western Australia’s Curtin University, the program will support participants to engage with research and development effectively and build capacity for METS innovation.

On completion of the program in September 2021, MRIWA is offering eligible participants the opportunity to apply for matched funding of $20,000 – $50,000 each, to fund their research proposals.

Find out more about the Innovate to Grow program.

Page was last reviewed 9 January 2023

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