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Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) serves as a pivotal force in nurturing government-research-industry partnerships by co-funding the early stages of pioneering research projects.

Portable PPB’s vision for detectORE™, an innovative in-field low-level gold detector, found resonance with MRIWA’s mission to foster innovation in the minerals sector. With MRIWA’s funding injection, Portable PPB was able to build on their journey towards revolutionising gold detection technology.

Funded through the New Industries Fund (NIF), the Western Australia Innovator of the Year (WAIOTY) Awards program, recognises an institution celebrating innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. It has played a crucial role in amplifying Portable PPB’s visibility and impact. Their recognition as the 2023 Western Australia Innovator of the Year catapulted detectORE™ into the spotlight, garnering attention from investors, collaborators, and industry stakeholders alike. Beyond mere accolades, WAIOTY provided Portable PPB with a platform to showcase the transformative potential of their technology, propelling them towards greater heights of success and influence.

WAIOTY and NIF are just two examples of how the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) enable industry development.

Together Portable PPB, MRIWA and JTSI demonstrate the effective dynamic support ecosystem we have here in Western Australia, each playing a distinct yet complementary role in fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth for the State.

MRIWA’s Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services (METS) Innovation Program aims to enhance research projects led by METS companies serving Western Australia’s mining sector. It offers $3 million funding over four years to support industry-led METS related research projects through a specific grant scheme with matched-funding up to $250,000 for eligible and successful companies, as well as project facilitation assistance for collaborative projects. The program focuses on advancing technologies in MRIWA’s strategic areas, including low-emissions technologies, precision and low-impact mining, critical minerals, and the alternative use of tailings and waste.

Find out more on our METS page.

Page was last reviewed 3 May 2024

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