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MRIWA is proposing to revise its research priority plan and is inviting written submissions on the revised plan, located here.

The Research Priority Plan describes the medium to long term knowledge and technology needs of the State’s minerals industry to ensure it can deliver an economic and social benefit for Western Australia.

Priorities included in the Plan are intended to be those issues industry, the research sector and the MRIWA Board agree present real and significant challenges inhibiting Western Australian from benefiting from the minerals sector to its fullest extent and where resolution of these will create opportunities and deliver value.

The original MRIWA Research Priority Plan (RPP) was published in 2013. Amendments to this have been made informed by previous reviews commissioned by MRIWA and preliminary consultation with industry, government and the research community.

The consultation draft Revised Research Priority Plan can be located:
1. on the MRIWA website at; or
2. by contacting Nicole Roocke, Chief Executive Officer, at the email address below

Closing Date for Submissions: 29 July 2019

Submissions are to be lodged via:
Post: MRIWA, 100 Plain St, East Perth, WA, 6004

Page was last reviewed 11 March 2021

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