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The Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia Annual Report 2018-19 was tabled in Parliament on 25 September 2019.

This latest edition of the MRIWA Annual Report celebrates the achievements of the institute to date, as well as the positive impact of past, present and future projects. It serves as a valuable document which showcases the continuing value of the institute by its delivery of actionable benefits to Western Australia through minerals research.

With a brand new format, this year’s report is divided into the following sections:

  • Overview details MRIWA’s role, functions, organisational structure, Board members and a succinct summary of our operations.
  • Our Projects outlines our applied research projects demonstrating how we create capability and deliver economic and social benefit for Western Australia.
  • Financial Statements and Notes presents the audited financial statements for the organisation.
  • Our Governance outlines MRIWA’s robust governance and contemporary fit-for-purpose corporate practices, highlighting the mechanisms in place to continually improve our performance, delivery business outcomes and ensure compliance
  • Our Performance summarises the key findings of the Five Year Review of the MRIWA Act and Economic Impact Assessment completed during the year, along with the audited key performance indicators.

The 2018-19 Annual Report is available from the MRIWA website.

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