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Supported through MRIWA project M0464, researchers at the Australian Centre for Geomechanics have developed a new method of measuring and analysing rock properties to predict vulnerability to rockburst. 

Challenging previous assumptions, a range of new measurements has enabled new understanding of the principal components of rock behaviour, which can be obtained from oriented drillcore and used to predict and demonstrate in 3D where the rock is most vulnerable to failure. 

The process of determining the insitu stress led to development of a 3D extensional strain approach using a fully compliant orthotropic strain matrix that can be used in regular 3D numerical modelling software. 

A global first, the findings enable improvements in mining safety through better targeting of ground support and by identifying opportunities for alternative procedures such as pre-conditioning to be implemented as preventative solutions. 

Read MRIWA report 464 summarising the findings of this research. 

Page was last reviewed 29 March 2023

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