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The 2022 National Science Week theme is ‘Glass: More than meets the eye’ to celebrate the United Nations’ International Year of Glass

There are many National Science Week initiatives happening in WA across August. For more information on events, please visit:

Among the many National Science Week initiatives happening across August will be:

  • The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research public lecture by Dr Sabine Bellstedt on 18 August at the Octagon Theatre, where the dynamic 2021-22 Superstar of STEM and widely published local astrophysicist will delve into how Indigenous Australian knowledge of the night sky is observed with the naked eye, how glass was employed in the development of telescopes, and how silicone is now used in supercomputers and radio astronomy.
  • The ‘Glass: More than meets the eye festival’ at the Victoria Park Community Centre on 20 August that will be a family friendly day of fun to captivate and educate by offering hands-on engagement to learn about glass.
  • The South West Science Fair delivered by the South West Science Council with a variety of exhibitors and STEM-based activities to bring the community together for an afternoon of learning and fun at the Bunbury Public Library on 13 August.

National Science Week is an Australian Government initiative through Inspiring Australia. The WA Government supports Inspiring Australia in Western Australia through Scitech.

Page was last reviewed 15 August 2022

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