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Western Australia’s Green Steel Opportunity Model has been produced to analyse opportunities and key obstacles of a Western Australian green steel industry.

Use the model to assess pathways of processing iron ore by comparing and evaluating the costs and energy requirements for processing hematite and magnetite ores in Western Australia.

The model gives both an overview of pelletising, HBI, green iron and steel making, taking into account the capital requirements, costs and emissions. Comparison of cases beyond business as usual iron ore processing as well switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources are possible.

This model has been constructed based on analysis from MRIWA, GHD Pty Ltd and Acil Allen made in the Western Australia’s Green Steel Opportunity Report, mapping the value chain from mining to steel production. The capabilities of this model will assist further other iron ore processing projects supported by MRIWA and the WA Government.

Western Australia’s Green Steel Opportunity Model is now freely available. Access the model here.

A valid email address will allow 30 scenarios to be compared for green mining, green iron and green steel.

Page was last reviewed 6 November 2023

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